From her position as the Princess and her passion to make a difference in her people’s lives, HE HrH took interest and action a while back.

These initiative include to name but few;- In 2015 joined by her husband, adopted families and hospices around her area to bring change to the needy using their personal limited funds and time. For her will to assist her community and the citizen of this world as much as she can, her will to be part of the solution in eradication of poverty and development of the people is her life drive.

HE HrH believes, with a proper backing from a Patron and or funding with deep desire to assist the continent to move forward, She sees no stopping for our people, Africans will be really ready to “run the world”.

Our people will be Inspired, empowered, and ready to take action and create jobs that would assist in eradicating poverty.

Princesses aren’t limited to the pages of fairy tales. Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana, is a real-life princess from the Balobedu tribe. She talks about royalty and why she’s got her sights set firmly on being a Global Philanthropist…

Tebogo, you are a real-life princess. Was your upbringing like a fairy tale ?

Being born into the royal family as one of the grandchildren of the powerful Rain Queen, I was afforded a privileged upbringing. I was taught that anything is possible with the right level of confidence and planning. Although I’m a princess, I was still taught to do things for myself. Today I’m very much an independent princess. I was taught to respect people and not to undermine anyone. So for me, we are all equal and deserve to be respected. Royalty or not, at the end of the day we are all part of God’s creation. Being a princess sounds great, but life doesn’t usually follow the script of a Walt Disney film. What are some of the challenges that come with being royalty?

Security, criticism, personality checks and the way you handle yourself in front of people are some of The biggest challenges. Sometimes I won’t reveal my real identity just to see how far I can get by relying on myself and without anyone’s favour–or criticism.

Tell us more about the interesting Balobedu Kingdom culture and people ?

Balobedu (ba Lobedu ba gaModjadji) is an African tribe of the Northern Sotho group. The tribe has their own kingdom, the Bolobedu Kingdom, with in the Limpopo province of South Africa and a female ruler known as the Rain Queen. They believe the queen has rain-making powers. The Balobedu Kingdom consists of a number of small groups tied together by the queen.

I am married to my best friend and my first boyfriend. He is a truly amazing soul. He is a prince from The Kekana Royal family. Our families are connected from way back. Even before we got together, he Was the son my mom never had.

It is the biggest challenge ever. But my husband is very supportive and we taught our kids to be self- disciplined too. The most important thing is to plan each week ahead and always include the kids in your plans. Founder of the of Goddes Events and Marketing Management and Goddes Couture amongst other things. Sounds exciting, do tell…

Many people wonder why my Goddes’ is spelled with only one ‘s’. The truth is it doesn’t refer to a goddess at all, it simply means God is my destiny (the ‘God’ in front combined with the ‘des’ from destiny). Goddes Couture defines my love for fashion while the events and marketing business displays my creativity in organising, designing and showcasing my work. I am an entertainer at heart! On top of all these things you also currently completed studying towards PhD in marketing degree and even registered for your second PhD degree Strategic Leadership. Why marketing, and what do you hope to achieve with this degree?

Believe me, I moved from marketing to law and back to marketing as I have a very huge passion for it However, I would like to educate our people about their rights and be a voice for the voiceless– those most vulnerable, like women and children. With Strategic Leadership, I need to be able to associate with likewise minded people than just being a “BOSS” I realized that many “so called” leaders lack leadership skills and experience but because of favoritism they end up with higher positions that eventually lead to the huge number of depression and suicides to our communities.

HE HrH Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana would not come to you, if she did not feel that you are the perfect partner in this, since “WHO RUNS THE WORLD” is deeply a personal project.

With her passion for assisting people. HE was then titled with HE HrH, she is a member of the International Royal Association. Ambassador for two International institutions and one National – World Student Peace Federation | Department of Health

Here are all projects under “Who runs the world”

Lupus Awareness South Africa | Albinos United South Africa | GAP Services | Youth and Women independence and empowerment | Royal Princess Association in South Africa | Conversation with the Princess Show (addressing real people with real stories) Ms and Ms Plus Size South Africa National Pageants | Conservation with the Princess Show | Youth Development in Sport (which will involve the likes of “Mark Fish, Jabu Pule, Chris Bongo amongst others)

Current Positions:

President of Royal Princesses Association in South Africa Human Rights Activist Success Editor for Bloss Africa Magazine


: International Women Economic Forum.

: United Refugees Green Council

: World Students Peace Federation

: Business Woman Association SA

: Department of Health SA


-Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All / Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All,

-Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity With Gender Equality”.

-Exceptional Women of Excellence

-Women of statue

-Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All.

-Women of the Decade/ Leader of the Decade : This is our highest award conferred on leading women/ Leaders worldwide with eminent influence and distinguished contributions in respective spheres of, like enterprise, education, business, health, community leadership, development, media, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, innovation, social responsibility, technology and others. It is given to women/ Leaders who have led their companies and institutions in eminent leadership roles with distinctive achievements.

Two memoirs and a documentary about deceased people who were “Rain Makers” in Africa will soon be up and about!!! (through her studies, she quickly became good a story teller and a writer)

MC and Motivational Speaker, available for bookings