International Royal Association of Royals & Nobles Registered Members






H.R.H Prince Abdullah Ali

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo (Indonesia)

Royal Secretary General of the Royal Association

HRH.Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo,Pangeran Raja Agung Seri Mangkunegara Patani Mempawah ,Pangeran Perbawa Budaya Mempawah, Pangeran Raja Agung Seri Mangkunegara Patani Tiworo ,Indonesia

Grand Duke / Grand Prince of Kepangeranan Agung Patani Shri Mempawah and Duke / Prince of Kepangeranan Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo,Prince Of Mempawah Kingdom, also royal noble from 35 kingdoms and royal familys

Head of royal family Agung Patani Shri Mempawah and Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo

Dr (HC) in social humanity ,Dr (HC) in philosophy social humanity ,Academia Psycology ,Academia Philosophy ,work as grand duke,duke,prince,bussinessman,multi genre singer,traditional actor,social humanity worker,traditional dancer,And Artist

H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos Vassili II

H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos Vassili II

Includes his two daughters H.R.H. Princess Leonie I, and H.R.H. Princess Amelia I. of the Royal House of Vassili

H.R.H. Prince / Tuan Pangeran
H.R.H. Duke of Liatris

Founder & Global President of United Refugee Council (URGC), CEO of Vassili Group Ltd. Governor of Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) Reg. UK Gov. – USA Gov. – European Union – United Nations. Governor of children’s charity the Snahalaya Ashram Orphan Charity Est. 1985. EU & UN Accredited Int. Award for Sustainable Development. Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities Global Ambassador for Environment & Sustainable Development. Also PhD holder, Board of Director of Peaceful Minds.

Dr. GD Singh

H.R.H Amb. Prof. Dr. GD Singh (India)

His Excellency His Highness Prof. Dr. Sir GD Singh was Inducted as a Prince of the royal family of Mempawah by HRH. Prince /Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo Duke and head of the Royal Family of the Principality of Chandrarupa Patani Darul Makrif Sri Mempawah, Indonesia.

Dr. Singh is a renowned global management consultant, brand maker, educationist, author, speaker and world peace advocate. He is heading Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) as Founder & President since 2005 and is the Chairman of Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Dr. Singh is also the Founder & President of Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd. and Unified Brainz Group Holdings Inc. Dr. GD Singh is actively handling Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC, Global) as its founder & president since 2009. He, since 2011 is also the founder and president of World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation (WPDO) which is working on world peace following the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Dr. Leye Talpha Babalola

High Prince Dr. Leye Talpha Babalola (Nigeria)

He is the High Prince of Oke – Ogun and Oyo Empire in Oyo State of Federal Republic of Nigeria. By profession he is a Fellow of Fellow of Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (1999) with a Doctorate in Taxation from Triune University Washington U.S.A (2009);

High Prince (Dr.) Leye Babalola is a philanthropist that believe in the development of communities, challenges and impact knowledge to the common citizen of Oke-Ogun in Oyo North of Federal Republic of Nigeria;

  • He is also a Fellow of Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants of Nigeria. (2002);
  • Master of Business Administration from Triune University U.S.A (2007);
  • Fellow Institute of Payroll Administration (2009);
  • Fellow Chartered Association of International Accountants (2009);
  • Member of Institute of Management Consultant of Nigeria (1998);
  • Associates of Certified Public Accountant (2001);
H.R.H. King Raja

URGC Ambassador At Large, H.E. H.R.H. King Raja of Tiworo Kingdom (Sovereign Monarch)

King Tiworo: Omputo sangia Sidamangura I La Ode Salah Mangkauwany (Sultanate)

iworo kingdom is the kingdom under the sultanate of Buton . In Southeast Sulawesi stand another royal kingdom of Buton , the Kingdom Konawe , the Kingdom Mekongga , the Kingdom Tiworo and the Kingdom Kaledupa. Some other details are also mentioned the existence of the Kingdom Kabaena , the Kingdom Poleang and Kulisusu. There is some suggestion that prior to the establishment of the kingdom of Muna , in the Northwest of the island muna standing royal Tiworo .Tiworo kingdom was once engaged in a war with the Kingdom during the reign Muna La Ode Husein ( Omputo sangia ) as a result of the political divide et impera by the Netherlands (politics pitting the Netherlands). After that kingdom Tiworo reappear after Cucu Omputo sangia (Wa Ode Kadingke) established the Sultanate Tiworo to defeat King Muna La Ode Sumaili.

H.R.H. Princess Leonie

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Leonie Constantinou (UK)

H.R.H. Princess Leonie I. of the Royal House of Vassili

Her Royal Highness is the Princess Royal of the Royal House of Vassili, and the the daughter of Sovereign H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos II, of the Royal House of Vassili & Silva, H.R.H is also Princess / Puan Daturaja.

Her Royal Highness is also Duchess, Marquis, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness, Lady & Dame of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Amelia

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Amelia Constantinou (UK)

H.R.H. Princess Amelia I of the Royal House of Vassili​

Her Royal Highness is the Princess Royal of the Royal House of Vassili, and the the daughter of Sovereign H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos II, of the Royal House of Vassili & Silva, H.R.H is also Princess / Puan Daturaja.​

Her Royal Highness is also Duchess, Marquis, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness, Lady & Dame of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Eleftheria

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Eleftheria Vassili (UK)

H.R.H. Princess Eleftheria I. of the Royal House of Vassili, Duchess, Marquess, Countess, Baroness of the Royal House of Vassili. Princess Mother of the Sovereign H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos II.

Her Royal Highness is also Duchess, Marquis, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness, Lady & Dame of the Royal House of Vassili

Raimundo Bezerra Alves

H.E. Royal Highness, His Eminance, His Beatitude Archbishop Raimundo Bezerra Alves

​Count & Duke of Sefarad

H.E. His Eminence, His Beatitude, Archbishop Raimundo Bezerra Alves of the Metropolitan of Diaspora Orthodox Church of Greece in Latin America.

His Eminence is of Royal & Noble lineage who has dedicated his life in servitude to Almighty God and in Service to Humanity, His Eminence is Conde-Duque de Sefarad Silva Alves, Patronímico, who, Civilly is called Raimundo Bezerra Alves, Ecclesiastically, Archbishop Eparca Kyrillos Alves @ BEKyrillos,

Sovereign Maharaja

H.E. Sovereign Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman

Down Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sri Paduka
Sovereign King

Prof. Dr. Dipertuan Agung D’Raja, (Prop. Dr.Hc.M.S.P.A. Iansyahrechza. FW,Ph.D.) URGC Ambassador At Large for Indonesia

Prince Hamdan

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (UAE-Dubai)

Crowned Prince of Dubai, supreme president of the newly founded Hamden bin Mohammed e-University, Head of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid establishment for young entrepreneurs, and sits on the Dubai sports council and the Dubai Autism Centre. URGC Ambassador At Large

His Majesty King

H.E. H.R.H. His Majesty King Madzikane II T. Diko (South Africa)

H.R.H. His Majesty, King Madzikane II T. Diko, the King of the Bhaca Kingdom in the Republic of South Africa. The descendant of the Noble Royal Family of the Great King Ncapayi, King Madzikane (Gobiswana and the founder the Bhaca Kingdom), of Khalimeshe, the Vebi, Nofisa, Wabane, Zelemu, Lufulwenja, whose ancestors descend from the great Kings of Ntu in the central great lakes of Africa. His Majesty’s focus upon the Social and Economic Development uplift. URGC Ambassador At Large

Prince James

H.E. H.R.H. H.S.H. Prince James Scott Walling-Carver (USA)

H.R.H. H.S.H. H.G.D.H. Prince James Scott Walling Carver, Rt. Hon. Lord 6th Earl of March of England, Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg, Rt. Hon. Lord, 9th Earl of Bridgewater, The Rev. the Hon, 10th Baron Daubeney, Rt. Hon. Lord, 18th Earl of Warwick, His Grace 4th Duke of Buckingham, His Grace 4th Duke of Bridgewater, Rt. Hon. 4th Earl de Montgomery, Duke de Choiseul d’Amboise, Duke of Montmorency, Marquis de Remonville, Count of Provence, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Poitiers. His Royal Highness, His Serene Highness, His Grand Ducal Highness is the descendant of former Kings and Nobles throughout the entire world. The current Royal family encompasses Pure Royal Bloodlines from the following families: Walling, Byrd, Whittenberg. directly decending from the Royal bloodlines which makes him Prince of all of Wales; Prince of Scotland; Prince, Duke, Earl, and Baron of England; Prince, Duke, and Earl of France; Prince, Grand Duke and Duke of Germany; Prince of Northern Africa; Prince of Austria; Prince of Sweden; Prince of Iceland; Prince of Romania; Prince of Hungary; Prince of Turkey; Prince of Armenia; Prince of Syria; Prince of ancient Iran; Prince of ancient Israel; Prince of ancient Rome; Prince of Russia; Prince of Belgium; Prince of Spain and Prince of all of Italy. His, documented, lineage dates back 4004 B.C. A PRINCE DU SANG (prince of the blood). HRH James Scott is Chairman of the Board at Prince James’ Trust that distributes grants to charity organizations that are focused on Senior Citizens and College Students all over the United States. By issuing grants to many charities Prince James’ Trust provides assistance to thousands of senior citizens and students in extreme need due to tuition cost. Prince James’ Trust has an annual distribution of at least $100,000.00. HRH James studied International Comparative Education with a minor in Child Psychology at the University Of London UK. HRH James is also very much involved with animal rights. URGC Ambassador At Large




Prince Andreas

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Andreas Constantinou (UK)

Prince Royal and Duke of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Katerina

H.E. H.H. Princess Katerina Constantinou (UK)

Wife of H.R.H. Prince Andreas Constantinou (Prince Royal) f the Royal House of Vassili

H.R.H. King Uchenna

H.E. H.R.H. King Uchenna Frank Obiezu (South Africa)

HRH Eze Uchenna Frank Obiezu. The Eze (king) of Ndi Igbo in Eastern Cape. south Africa. Originally from the igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. URGC Ambassador

HRH Sheikha

H.E. HRH Sheikha Hamad Al-thani (Qatar)

HRH Sheikha Althani of the Royal Family of Qatar, for Underprivileged Children, Founded and Heads (SATUC) which was born out of Sheikha´s dream of a better future for every child, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Her commitment started at a very early age and strengthened throughout the years until the birth of SATUC. The founding of her own organisation has allowed Sheikha to engage with the communities she has been working with, helping not only to brighten the present of thousands of children, but to guarantee a better tomorrow for the most deprived of the World (click to link to SATUC) URGC Ambassador At Large

Princess Athanasia

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Athanasia Constantine (UK)

Princess Royal and Duches of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Constantia

H.E. H.H. Princess Constantia Georgina Constantine (UK)

Prince Royal and daughter of H,R.H. Princess Athanasia I. of the Royal House of Vassili

Prince Aleksey

H.E. H.S.H. Prince Aleksey Adhzaa (Zinnia-Philippines)

HSH is Prince of the Principality of Zinnia. And is further the Alexander Dempsey de Obieta. The principality of Zinnia is a micro-nation and a micro-economy, with a welcoming and loving nature and culture which welcomes all. Principality of Zinnia is located in Philippines. In december 25, 2016 Adhzaa dynasty was create the principality of zinnia. And the sovereign of nation is His Serene highness Alexander but he also known as HSH prince aleksey of Zinnia. HSH dedicates himself to humanity. URGC Ambassador

Princess Melinda Vassili

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Melinda Vassili (UK)

Prince Royal and Duchess of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. Rt Hon Lord Steven

H.E. Rt Hon Lord Steven Lloyd-Bagrationi (UK)

His Excellency id of the ancient linage of English-Georgian Royal Families of Lloyd-Bagrationi dynasty and a life peer: a Lord through my father – The Rt Hon Lord Stephen Henry Lloyd and a noble through his mother HRH Kate Erekle Bagrationi.

H.E. HRH Sheikha Asmaa

H.E. HRH Sheikha Asmaa Bint-e-Huda (Qatar)

Her Royal Highness ia a member of the Qatar Royal Family

​URGC Ambassador At Large

H.R.H. Prince Alexander

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Alexander Constantine (UK)

Prince Royal of the Royal House of Vassili

Avraham Cohen

H.E. H.R.H. Princípe e Grão-Duque Dom Avraham Cohen ​Ramires de Faria (Brazil-Israel)

Prince Dom Avraham Cohen Ramires de Faria direct descendant of the Kings of Belem, Chief of the Royal House Belemita of Salma, Grand Duke of Bethlehemite, Duke of the Arameus and Auranites, Head of the Family Council of the Guardian Princes and Protectors of the Royal Crown Belemita, Custos of Tradition , Grand Master of the Grand Templar of Brazil – Cavalry of St. Michael Archangel, Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of the Crown Belemita, Custodian and Guardian of all Orders and Institutions of His Royal House, Rector of the Institute of Communication and Sciences of the Southeast. URGC Ambassador

H.R.H. Prince Constantinos

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Constantinos Constantinou (UK)

Prince Royal of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. Baroness

H.E. Baroness Dominique De Benkendorff (USA)

Chairperson for the Arizona Chapter of the All Ladies League. URGC Ambassador

Princess Erica

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Erica Ohene-Bekoe

HRH Princess Erica Attaa Akua Agyeiwaa Ohene-Bekoe of the royal houses of Banmu and Okomang-Adonteng in the Kingdom of Akropong-Akuapim, Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana. She is the natural daughter of the Late Okomang-Adonteng Kyeamehene H.M. King Okomahene Gyamiri III, and the Banmuhemea H.M. Queen Oye Sakyirifa; and niece of the Banmuhene H.M. King Kwame Afari Bampo II; and Adonteng Kyeamehemea H.M. Queen Yaa Ofusuahene. She has dedicated herself to humaniterian and charitable work. URGC Ambassador At Large

H.E. Countess Bas

H.E. Countess Bas Reuven Marakay Rogers (Israel)

H.E. Countess Marakay Rogers has been a Lawyer since 1985 with full time experience in human rights law and part time in immigration law; committee chair of city civil service board for first responders; humanitarian aid organizer and worker. Her Excellency has much experience in the Knowledge of human rights law, Community organizer, Knowledge of immigration issues, Speaker, Negotiator Political activist for green issues. Volunteer Board Member, Acting Chair City of York, Attorney Marakay Rogers, Esquire, Executive Director; Agency Solicitor 05/1985 to Current York City Human Relations Commission,State Board Member, State Chair Green Party of Pennsylvania. Serve as Commander of Mid-Atlantic Commandery, Society of the Dragon, charitable organization that runs successful food drives for homeless and poor through food banks, clothing drives for homeless, and toy drives for children in foster care. Currently running successful full time project to place books and educational/art activities in hospital children’s wings and in medical offices. Knighted for humanitarian work by Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, US. Grand Priory. Her Excellency holds the title of Countess Bas Reuven, and is a Dame of the Hospitaler Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. As an attorney she has practiced immigration law and human/civil rights law for a number of years, and has special interests in women’s rights and child protection (another field in which she has specialized). A number of her family became refugees from Russia prior to World War I, so refugee protection has long been a family interest. She is also an arts and theatre journalist and works to provide children with arts and educational opportunities. URGC Ambassador

His Lordship

H.E. His Lordship, Marquis Christos Erotokritou (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Marquis of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. His Lordship, Earl Constantinos

H.E. His Lordship, Earl Constantinos Erotokritou (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Earl of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. Her Ladyship

H.E. Her Ladyship, Countess Androula Erotokritou (UK)

Royal Dame, Lady & Countess of the Royal House of Vassili

Prof. H.C. Mult Acc

H.E. Prof. H.C. Mult Acc. DATU Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola, Prince of Psiria & Santa Anatolia (Italy)

Prof. Dr.h.c. Acc. Mult. DATU Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola. Secretary General for world peace and coordination representative of the Committee in 202 countries around the world for the Gong of Peace SPMUDA Goodwill Ambassador-at-Large for Italy (Country Head Representative). Ambassador of Large for IHRCIM in Italy member of INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION AND INDIGENOUS MINORITIES Which is affiliated to the United Nations and the Italian Ambassador of Peace for the World Together Vatican parliament of Security And Peace WPO Ambassador World Students Peace Federations For Peace Love Respect Justice Educations All Over The World European Union UNIVERSAL CIRCLE OF AMBASSADORS OF PEACE SWITZERLAND / FRANCE Born August 3, 2004 published in the Official Gazette of August 28, 2004 # 1019 Ambassador at Large and Plenipotentiary the ACP to Italy for the Vatican State and the Republic of San Marino. Ambassador to Italy for the Vatican State and the Republic of San Marino WORL HUMANITY COMMISSION (WHC) PLENIPOTENZIARIO CHIESA CATTOLICA APOSTOLICA ORTODOSSA ORIENTALE ASSIRO-CALDEA per attività Ecumeniche, Nobili e Cristiane nel bene comune mondiale (nominato da Sua Beatitudine Mons. Leopoldo Adeodato Mancini Primate della Chiesa) URGC Ambassador At Large (ITALY). URGC Ambassador At Large

Dilip Kumar Avlani

H.E. His Lordship, Rt. Hon. Count Dilip Kumar Avlani (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Count of the Royal House of Vassili

HRH. King Neil Peters

H.E. HRH. King Neil Peters (USA-Scotland)

HRH King Neil Peters is of the Royal Line of The king Of England From The Ancient House of Fallon Wessex, England and is officially filed and registered in the Council of Scotland as official leanage as King of Scotland. He is a member of the World Trade UN and holds Highest Office of W.W.R. URGC Ambassador

Hon. Countess Kadambari Dilip Avlani

H.E. Her Ladyship, Her Rt. Hon. Countess Kadambari Dilip Avlani (UK)

Royal Dame, Ladyship & Countess of the Royal House of Vassili

Prof. Valentine Oforka

H.E. Grand Duke, His Beatitude Archbishop Lord, Prof. Valentine Oforka Nwakwo (Nigeria)

FAAVM Plenipotentiary Envoy & Chancellor to the Holy See Vatican, Ambassador of Nigeria for World Academy of Human Sciences, Goodwill Ambassador of Mission & Diplomatic Relations & International Council of Human Rights Arbitration Politics & Strategic Studies, Board Member of IOSI, Member World Peace Organisation of World Government, Africa Prime Minister for Canada for Coalition Party of Canada NCPC, Member of AOCI, Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia, Awarded the Title of Prince, Duke of The Armenian Sarlou, Theses Advisor philosophy and Theology, University Humanistic of Americas. Member, Global Dialogue Foundation, Board Member, International Organization for Security and Intelligence, Royal Ambassador, Africa Prime -Minister of Canada for 2015 Campaign Awareness Coordinator for National Coalition Party of Canada(NCPC), Knight of Justice of Peace Corps, Holds Lordship Empire title of Royal Prince Elector. URGC Ambassador At Large

Prince Don Carlos

H.E. H.R.H. S.A.R. S.B Prince Don Carlos Augusto Ordônio de Barros (Brazil)

H.E. H.R.H. SARSB Prince Don Carlos Augusto Ordonez de Barros O.S + G, legitimate descendant of the “Royal and Imperial Progeny Baltha Amala-Flavia Anice of the Goths and Romans, already distinguished and recognized by Patriarchates and Royal Houses, received in the Oecumenical Theocracy and the Sacred Consistory Of the Legitimist Orthodox Princes Philo Cesarenses by Procedures Consistorial of N. 0811/2016 AD of 08/11/2016 under the religious name of Mar Karolus Ordonius I O.S + G. In the offices of Philarca of Flavia Neapolis of Samaria and Pro-Patriarch of Canaan and of the whole Holy Land of Rite Syrian-Binzantine, as well as Vicar of the Grand Master of the Venerable Equestrian Order of St. Michael of Jerusalem, and privileged by Augustal restricted of XII Of 1657

H.E. Natalie de Clare

H.E. Natalie de Clare Countess of Markland, DGK (Denmark)

Her Excellency is of the linage of the Count & Countess of Markland. URGC Ambassador At Large​

Hon. Baron Kushangra

H.E. His Lordship, Rt. Hon. Baron Kushangra Avlani (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Baron of the Royal House of Vassili

J. Gagnon

H.E. Metropolitan Archbishop Count David J. Gagnon, D.D. Ph.D, FWC (USA)

Metropolitan Archbishop Count David J. Gagnon, D.D., Ph.D., FWCI is an economist, legal enforcement officer, philanthropist, clergyman and Ambassador for several NGO’s, whose professional activities are firmly rooted in the authentic principles of timeless historical institutions with humanitarian missions. David’s multi-faceted career path features overlapping experience of 34 years of economics specializing in banking and finance, 29 years of paralegal-level work, law enforcement and Court enforcement, and 28 years of non-profit philanthropy and humanitarian charity work. He founded the A.N.G.E.L. (All Nations Generating Equal Love) Foundation (www.Angel.Foundation), the Knights of H.O.P.E. (the Holy Order of Protection and Education) for Human Rights and the Protection & Education of Women, Children and Families, and (A.N.G.E.L.), the Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) to work with and within governments all over the world in their fight against hunger and starvation through the education and endorsement of permaculture ecosystems. Former Minister of Finance. ​URGC Ambassador

H.H. Duke Andreas

H.E. H.H. Duke Andreas Papastylianou (UK)

Duke Royal of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. Her Grace

H.E. Her Grace, Duchess Despina Papastylianou (UK)

Her Grace is the wife of His Grace, H.H. Duke Andreas Papastylianou of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Dawn Sanford

H.R.H. Princess Dawn Sanford (USA)

H.R.H Dawn Sanford is from the Noble House of Franz Joseph who was born in the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, the oldest son of Archduke Franz Karl (the younger son of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II), and his wife Princess Sophie of Bavaria whose uncle, from 1835 was the Emperor Ferdinand. H.R.H. Coyle fields of expertise is as Transciptionist & Web Analysis at Appen Butler Hill and Market Research Analyst at Industrial Info Resources. Her field of study was Psychology at University of Texas. URGC Ambassador

His Beatitude Pierre

H.E. His Beatitude Pierre De Christ ATYAM MOTO, Archbishop of the Orthodox Church

​Primate of the Autonomous Orthodox Church of Africa, Founder of the Order of St. Peter the Apostle, Founder of the Noble Heraldry Academy of St. Peter; Doctor of Theology; Doctor in Psychology; Doctor in Philosophy; Grand-Prior of the Order of St. Peter the Apostle; Spiritual Protector of the Ordina Militare della Croce Nera dei Lovato; Baron Byzantine; Duke of the Holy Roman Empire; Ambassador of the Italian Republic ; Ambassador of the Royal House of Moldova, High Honorary Consul of World Humanity Comission in Cameroon; Honorary Member of the Greco Orthodox Royal Academy of Moldova, Grand Chancellor of the Dynastic Orders of Moldavia, France and Germany, Byzantine Imperial Knight; Byzantine Anthypatos ; Byzantine Patrician; Byzantine parks; Byzantine Exarch

Prince Jean Noel

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Jean Noel Raynaud (Romania)

H.R.H. is also awarded the titles of Grand Duke, Marquis and Count, he is dedicated to serving humanity through education, serving his fellow mankind in any virtuous way he can

Prof. Dr. Hristo

H.E. Prince; General Prof. Dr. Hristo Boyadzhiev (Bulgaria, Ukraine & Balkans)

Prince, General Hristo Boyadzhiev is a nobleman in the court of His Majesty Grand Duke of Ukraine. He is the Prince of Friesland and Grand Master of the Order of St. George. He is head of two global organizations the ‘World Counter terrorist Organization’ and ‘World Cossacks Union’ and two Bulgarian military alliance, the ‘Alians Bulgarian Commandos’ and ‘Bulgarian – Ukrainian Cossacks Union’ With honor and respect, acting as Army General Marshall Ukrainian Cossacks, Prof. / Dr. Hristo Georgiev Boyadzhiev. URGC Ambassador

Princess Dr. Romona

H.E. HH Princess Dr. Romona Murad (Malaysia)

HH Princess Dato’ Dr Romona Murad has been chosen as one of the candidates in the vote for the Medal of Excellence for the Most Influential Figures in the World 2014 in “International Peace and Human Rights”. Goodwill Ambassador at Peace Mission & Diplomatic Relations Organization, Board of Directors at Royal Academy of the UN and Chairperson for Malaysia at the Royal Society Group, URGC Ambassador At Large

H.H. Duchess Demitra

H.E. H.H. Duchess Demitra Papastylianou (UK)

Royal Duchess of the Royal House of Vassili

Prince Fanex Sule

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Fanex Sule (Nigeria)

From the Royal House & Family of H.R.H JD Sule Abenga Ter Makurdi the Second, a Noble House of Great People who’s primary aim is to reach out and help the less privileged. URGC Ambassador

Prince Michele Zitoli

H.E. HRH Prince Michele Zitoli (Italy)

Prince of Armenia

A Royal who aims at helping those in need, serving humanity. URGC Ambassador

Hon. Baroness Mahek Avlani

H.E. Her Ladyship, Her Rt. Hon. Baroness Mahek Avlani (UK)

Royal Dame, Ladyship & Baroness of the Royal House of Vassili

H.E. Count Hans-G. Pesch

H.E. Count Hans-G. Pesch (Count of Roit & Hoya) (Vienna)

Caregiver for 32 years, Training Psyhotherapist HPG, Member of CSLI-Corps Saint Lazare International/Lazarus Union with special consultative Status In UN-ECOSOC /NGO, In Vienna Sinne 2011, Member of SOET – Supernus Ordo Equester Templi in Catania/Sicilia since 2009, Member of the Order of Knights-society St. Peter & St. Paul in Melbourne Australia. Knight-commander and Prior of Northern Germany. Member of Knightbrotherhood Edeler Namen since 2010 in Germany, All of Which are Directed at Fund Raising for Russia Promote Social Projects for Child Cancer Treatments & Support, Children Hospices and Mittagskinder, Supporting Socially disadvantaged Children of low Social Income Status. Projects in Helping Refugees in Social Development & Integration, URGC Ambassador.

H.H. Duchess Elena

H.E. H.H. Duchess Elena Papastylianou (UK)

Royal Duchess of the Royal House of Vassili

His Lordship Earl Nicholas

H.E. His Lordship, Earl Nicholas Kambouris (UK)

Rt. Hon. His Lordship, The Earl of the Royal House of Vassili

Prince Haroon Khan

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Haroon Khan (Pakistan)

Ambassador of culture Imperial Society Group (IPG), president of all Pakistan Youth Overseas Pakistan Solidarity (OPS), Chairman of Yousafzai Jirga Swat (YJS), International Parliament Minister Deputy Social Economy & Risk Management, High Commissioner for Human Rights, World Parliament for Security & Peace, Global President of World Student Peace Federation (WSPF), Ambassador of Asociatia Uniunea Pentru Apararea, Vice Chairman international Humanity & Educations (IHE). URGC Ambassador

Princess Tebogo

H.E. HRH Princess Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana (South Africa)

HE Duchess Dr Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana is a Global Philanthropist and Human Rights Activist. A PhD in Marketing holder, second Doctorate degree in strategic leadership, and a doctorate in POP Cultural Activist. passionate in changing the world one step at a time. A princess of the Modjadji Royal Family.

Founder of :

  • Opulence Polo
  • Opulence Mutual Limited
  • Lupus Awareness South Africa,
  • Royal Princesses Association in South Africa,
  • Global Chairperson for Gender Equality
  • Rain Queen Modjadji Foundation and Awards
  • Women Independency and Empowerment
  • GAP Services
  • Nchimane “Fish” Kekana Youth Development Programme
  • Albinism United South Africa
  • Ms and Ms Plus Size South Africa National Pageants
  • Gauteng Men Achieviers Awards

Former Patron and Advocate of The National Department of Health SA
MEMBER/ Ambassador

: International Women Economic Forum.
: United Refugees Green Council
: World Students Peace Federation
: Business Woman Association SA


  • Santam ( Women of Virtue)
  • Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All/ Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All,
  • Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity With Gender Equality”.
  • Exceptional Women of Excellence
  • Women of statue
  • Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All . Women of the Decade/
    Leader of the Decade : This is our highest award conferred on leading women/ Leaders worldwide with eminent influence and distinguished contributions in respective spheres of, like enterprise, education, business, health, community leadership, development, media,
    entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, innovation, social responsibility, technology and others. It is given to women/ Leaders who have led their companies and institutions in eminent leadership roles with
    distinctive achievement.

( Princess Dr Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana has rubbed shoulder with the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlene of Monaco)

H.E. L.E. Marques Silva

H.E. L.E. Marques Silva de Balboa Don Luis-Eduardo Matia Pio (France)

​Renowned Author & Columnist, Proficient in Law, Economics & Philosophy, Former National Leader of the Youth National Party of Chile, CEO of Green Hope Foundation, Dedicated to Environmental & Sustainable Development, Former Honorary Consul to France. URGC Ambassador

Prince Antonio

H.E. URGC Ambassador Prince Antonio De Pleguezuelos

Prince of Marbella-Spain, URGC Ambassador

Prince Unathi

H.E. HRH Prince Unathi ”Phathuxolo” Mtirara (South Africa)

From the Royal House/dynasty of the Kingdom of AbaThembu, Eastern Cape. South Africa, CEO & Chairman of Opera South Africa. URGC Ambassador

Dr. Joe Neves

H.E. Baron of Sealand Dr. Joe Neves (UK)

Phd, DD, KSte Barron of Sealand, Commander at the Old Anglican Church. URGC Ambassador

Prince Osman Ali Khan

H.E. HRH Prince Osman Ali Khan (Saudi Arabia)

Prince Osman Ali Khan from the Royal House/Dynasty of Asif Jahi from the State of Nizam of Hyderabad-Deccan, Architectural Consultant & Project Consultant. URGC Ambassador

Earl Andreas Loizides

H.E. His Lordship, Earl Andreas Loizides (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Earl of the Royal House of Vassili

Maharaja Ramlaxman Sing

H.E. Maharaja Ramlaxman Sing Ratlam (Bhagwan Shree Ramvansh-Rathore) (India)

M.P. in India, From the Royal House of Ratlam/Direct Decent of King Chhatrasal, Crowned Maharajah, URGC Ambassador

Prince Roberto

H.E.HRH Prince Roberto Bongiovanni Duke ​of Armenian Chapaghjowr (Canada)

Appointed Representative of the imperial house Bagratuni / Pacradouni of Canada as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Prince of Armenia, URGC Ambassador

H.E. Princess Dineo

H.E. Princess Dineo Meko II

Princess Dineo Meko II, Political Adviser to African Royalty & Traditional Leadership Mediator. From the Royal House & Dynasty of Morolong of the state of Botswana, Paramount Chief of baROLONG Tribe, Present Ruler Kgosikgolo Lotlaamoreng II. URGC Ambassador

Princess Stella Sigcau

H.E. HRH Princess Stella Sigcau II (South Africa)

om The Mpondo Kingdom, South Africa, From the Royall House of Faku Dynasty, Eldest daughter of the South African Liberation activist and ANC veteran, humanitarian and Member of Provincial Leguslature, Senior Traditional Leader the late Nkosi Ntsikayezwe Sigcau who was son of the late King Botha Manzolwandle Sigcau (Jongilizwe!) and Queen Mamjoli. Maternal: Daughter of Princess Lungakazi Sigcau, who is the eldest daughter of the late Chief Maduma Madikizela of Amalunga clan and Ndlunkulu Mantsundu Madikizela of the Thembu Kingdom, Diplomat of the Department of International Relations & Co-operations, South African Government, Assistant Director; South East Asia II, URGC Ambassador

Prince Tiecooura

HRH Prince Tiecooura Hean Dessalines-Dorleans

H.E. Ambassador, HRH Prince Tiecooura Hean Dessalines-Dorleans – URGC Political Philosopher on Human Rights & Rights of Citizenship of Refugees. URGC Ambassador

Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe

H.H Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe (Sri Lanka)

His Excellency His Highness Prof.Dr.Sir Lakshman Madurasinghe was Inducted as a Prince of the royal family of Mempawah by HRH. Prince /Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo Duke and head of the Royal Family of the Principality of Chandrarupa Patani Darul Makrif Sri Mempawah, Indonesia.

Prof.Lakshman is Attorney-at-Law, Behavioural Scientist, Educationist, Thought Leader, Peace Advocate & Strategist, Pioneer of e-Consciousness, Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Fundamentals of Theology, Buddhism & Christianity. He is The Grand Chancellor E M H Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. He also functions as the Director General World Peace and Diplomacy Organization and the Vice Chairman Asia in Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Princess Krysia Lech

H.E. HH Princess Krysia Lech (South Africa)

HH Princess Krysia Lech Ambassador for Peace & Humanity in The World of Royal Society Group, HOUSE SPEAKER RSG – Chairman for Peace and Humanity – Middle East and African Affairs. The RSG for South Africa – Chairperson, Goodwill Ambassador at Peace Mission & Diplomatic Relations Organization, Ambassador for abuse Women & Child projects. Honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations.Hr.Dr. of Philosophy in Business and Economics, 37 years of Proficient Experience. URGC Specialist & Spokes Person in the field of Emotional Survival. URGC Ambassador

Prince Oleksandr

H.E. Prince Oleksandr kobzarenko Razumovsky (Brussels)

​Professor of human Resources, International Organizational Relations at Brussels European Union, URGC Ambassador

H.E. Lady Carla Bouvier

H.E. Lady Carla Bouvier II (USA)

Specialist in the field of Mental/Emotional Survival Techniques/Management, Mental and Emotional Strengthening, Problematic Resolutions Innovative Communicative Skills and Trauma Counseling. URGC Ambassador

H.E. Baron Daniel

H.E. Baron Daniel E. Nica (Baron Daniel von Grossvardein) (Hungary)

Former Police Officer, Detective, Agent at the Collection & investigative Office of USA Government, URGC Ambassador

H.E. Baroness Dominique

H.E. Baroness Dominique De Benkendorff (USA)

Chairperson for the Arizona Chapter of the All Ladies League., URGC Ambassador

Princess ZamaFaku Sigcau

H.E. HRH Princess ZamaFaku Sigcau (South Africa)

From the Royal House of Amampondo, South Africa – Envoy in the Kingdom of Amampondo on community programs and projects that empower our youth in terms of skills development and education URGC Ambassador

H.E. Sheika Jessielen

H.E. Sheika Jessielen Estera Argabio

UN Ambassador for Women Empowerment (WE), National Leader /CEO Philippines Representative, Director of BOSS (Best of Specialist Studies), URGC Ambassador

Prince Castello

H.E. Prince Castello Viscount Datu Markos (Singapore)

President of Siuk FM Globall Radio Station, URGC Ambassador

H.E. Lord Ivaylo N. P. Morris

H.E. Lord Ivaylo N. P. Morris Kt, GC. OBE (UK)

Chief Executive Officer at St. George Britanica VIP, URGC Ambassador

Prince & Sovereign of Larsa

H.E. HRH Dom Lucas Olivveira Cintra, I Duke of Cintra, LIV
Crown Prince & Sovereign of Larsa (Brazil)

Doctorate of Theology, Ambassador of Peace, URGC Ambassador

Prince Nkosi

H.E. H.R.H Prince Nkosi Ngubengcuka Fadana (Madiba) (South Africa)

Bachelors of Social Sciences in International Relations majored in International Political Science/Relations and Public Policy and Administration in South Africa in the University of Cape Town. Experienced in governance, planning, coordination and administration. – HRH Fadana is the grandson of the Kings of Abathembu Kingdom. My great ancestors King Fadana was born with his older brother King Ngubengcuka, they’re the sons of King Ndaba. After the death of King Ngubengcuka in 1830, Fadana took over till 1845 because the son of Ngubengcuka was still young and not circumcised. The name of the son was King Mtikrakra. It is our tradition and custom that you must be a man to lead in any Chieftaincy, so you must go through circumcision. While he was that young the Royal family agreed that Fadana, as a paternal uncle to the child should take over till the child is old. Fadana gave birth to three sons, Zulu, Mbengo and Mehlomane. And Ngubengcuka’s son was Mthikrakra. The house of Mthikrakra is the one that gave birth to Nelson Mandela house from the third wife. The heir of Mthikrakra’s grandson , King Sabatha Dalindyebo is the reigning King Buyelekhaya “Zwelibanzi” Dalindyebo who is leading us today as the King of AbaThembu, the Madibas. He is my uncle. We are basically residing from the Eastern Cape province in the Thembuland. The Kingdom of AbaThembu is at Mtata in a village called Bumbane where the King stays. URGC Ambassador

Sir. Christopher Scott

H.E. Sir. Christopher Scott Dailey (USA)

Master Artist & Humanitarian Fund Raiser through Art, Emotional Expression Through Art, Understanding Emotions Through Art, Rehabilitation of Refugee Children Through Art , URGC Ambassador

H.E. De Andre

H.E. De Andre Duke of Hanumanteshwar (USA)

H.E. De Andre Duke of Hamumanteshwar is of the Royal family of Rajpipla, India. A non profit lobbyist and contract negotiator in the USA. From the former Princely State of Rajpipla, in India. He Serves as advisory to H.H Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla. A peace keeper. Basic human rights, environmental rights, workers rights adviser. H.E. Is a Dr of Religious Science and a minister with the Universal life church of Modesto California and a White Light Energy Practitioner/Spiritual Therapist. URGC Ambassador

Prince AdeBayo

H.E. Prince AdeBayo Alexander Oyediran (UK)

From the Royal House of Lagos, Nigeria, Born UK, Professional Singer, Local Independent Candidate of Thanet Council, Worked with Charities and is dedicated to helping young people develop socially. URGC Ambassador

Luiz De Gouveia

H.E. HRH Duque Dom Iguaci Luiz De Gouveia (Brazil)

Publicity Ambassador for WCH, Prof. Human Rights, Ambassador Of Peace, Publicity Ambassador for WCH, Supreme Chancellor International, Ambassador to Brazil for Arts Culture & Humanity. URGC Ambassador

Princess Gislene

H.E. H.H. Princess Gislene Pascutti (Brazil)

Involved in Humanitarian work and projects representing Brazil, URGC Ambassador

Prince. John Ndubuisi Duru

H.E. H.R.H. Prince. John Ndubuisi Duru (Swaziland)

HRH is the First Son of the Late Chief Dennis O. Duru His Crown Prince from Umuchima Ideato South Imo State of Nigeria But Recently a Swazi Citizen After 22Years of Residence Here in the Kingdom of Swaziland. I am still the Igwe (King) of Nigerian Residence Here in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Prince. John Ndubuisi Duru – Coordinator of Programmes: HND, BAc, Dip in Public Administration, Dip in Theology & Psychology Advanced Diploma in General Management and Project Management. Founder/Chairman of African Management Development International. Motto: Training People in Capacity Building, Performance Enhancement, Human Resource Development, and Management. Name and Acronym of Organization: African Management Development International (AMDI) Registration Certificate No. 2009 of 2006 (The Swaziland Companies Act No.7 of 1912) Title, Initials, Surname, and Founder of African Management Development International (AMDI), URGC Ambassador

Jasmine Lynette Booker

H.E. the Honorable Lady Jasmine Lynette Booker (USA)

CEO/Founder of Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc. (BAFOL), former Spokeswoman and Global Ambassador of the United Nations For Goodwill Ambassadors (UNAGA), and former Earth Ambassador for Autism with WLFD; Her Excellency graciously states, “I was not born with a Title or a Crown, but I was bestowed one. I made the right decisions to develop my inner beauty into my outer LOVE for people. I was royalty way before I was acknowledged. My Lord and Savior had a specific plan in mind for my destiny and HE has held my hand and guided me, every day. HE has a plan for me that is greater than I have ever imagined. I have learned that what a person may go through in life is not meant to destroy them, but rather to teach and lead them. I have chosen to be compassionate, loving, giving, loyal, and a little discerning. For this, I know that I can handle the position of NOBILITY and step into my destiny. URGC Ambassador

Princess Royal

H.E. Princess Royal, Jeanne Dorsainvil ​(Canada-Haiti)


héréditaire Altesse Royal et Princesse Royal d’Haïti. Great-great-great-granddaughter of King Henri Christophe , the patriarchal side Belliard , she is the sixth generation . Henri Christophe was President of the State of Haiti from 1807-1811 , in 1811 he proclaimed himself king , crowned king in June 1811, died in 1820. URGC Ambassador

Kyriacos Kyriacou

H.E. His Lordship, Count, Kyriacos Kyriacou (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Count of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Francesca

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Francesca Morreale (Italy)

Princess of Armenia of the Bagrationi Dynasty. HRH has dedicating herself to serving humanity. URGC Ambassador

Princess Baginda

H.E. H.R.H. Princess Baginda Helen Fatima Nasaria Abdurajak (Philippines)

Lineage is from Raja Kayan Majapahit and as blood of Nenek Soekarno with Raja Husin Kamaluddin of Brunei , Dedicated to serving humanity URGC Ambassador

H.E. Baron Sebastian

H.E. Baron Sebastian De Rothschild

H.E. Baron Sebastian De Rothschild. Linage of the 1st Baron H.E. Baron Nathan Mayer De Rothschild of 1885. URGC Ambassador

H.E. Count (Graf) Nicolas

H.E. Count (Graf) Nicolas Cseszneki II (Hungary)

H.E Count Cseszneki II, is of Hungarian Aristocracy who dedicates himself to humanity URGC Ambassador

Andreas Kyriacou

H.E. His Lordship, Viscount, Andreas Kyriacou (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Viscount of the Royal House of Vassili

Igwe C J E Okafor JP OON

H.E. H.R.M. Igwe C J E Okafor JP OON (Nigeria)

HRM is of the Royal Dynasty of Umugamuji clan, from the Enugu State Nkanu West Local Government Eziokwe Amuri, H.E. has dedicated himself to helping humanity on a voluntary basis, helping find sustainable solutions to displacement URGC Ambassador

H.E. lustrisimo Don

H.E. lustrisimo Don Nestor Pereyra (Uruguay)

Titulos and Mercedes, Baron de Casa Pereyra Lima.-Royal House and Ducal of Cantabria. Hijodalgo of Solar Known, Noble Person of Lineage and Known Solar.Indias.Decreto Real de Poblaciones. Lord of Home and Solar Infanzonada And of Palace of IRUROZQUI, VERGARA, GONGORA, ZUÑIGA, AVALOS, JIMENEZ, ORDUÑA, MONDRAGON. Noble Hijodalgo of known Solar and Hidalgo.-Royal House of Cantabria-Neighbor of Cerro Largo, Neighbor of Jerez, Neighbor of MONTEVIDEO, BUENOS AIRES, and PARAGUAY., Neighbor of Maldonado., Enrolled in the Padron of Nobles of the Old Regime, Knight of the Kingdom of Spain, The Infanzona Solar House of Navarre is a right to the owner and all his descendants by woman and man in equal parts according to the right of succession not trunk in the intangible goods this House happened in its right with the name of Mr. if distinction and no Title Nobiliario is a mention that according to the Navarrese right and the novisima compilation of laws of Navarre to the Knights of the Palaces are called Lords., Deputy photo without more farewell the Lord of the House and Solar Infanzonada Don Nestor Pereyra. URGC Ambassador

Prince Nicolas Scorza Sforza

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Nicolas Scorza Sforza (Paraguay)

H.E. is the Descendant of Francesco Scorza called Sforza Duke de Milan .I am Noble of Blood and Noble Cradle. Titles I Regalaron The Principales Recognizing my Noble Legacy. Prince of Milan Grand Duke Prince of the Imperial Roman Empire and Decapolis Count of Lavangna All these Titles are from the Holy Roman Empire for rights of blood. Nicolas Scorza Sforza. URGC Ambassador

Yianakis Kyriacou

H.E. His Lordship, Viscount, Yianakis Kyriacou (UK)

Royal Sir, Lord & Viscount of the Royal House of Vassili

Princess Helena Jolanta

H.E. HRH Princess Helena Jolanta Czekanska Wlodarczak (Portugal)

H.R.H is of the Royal House of Portugal and Brazil URGC Ambassador

H.E. Barone Vincenzo

H.E. Barone Vincenzo Paolo Maria de Falco (Italy)

From the ancient family of italian Barons the year of our Lord 1364, passed to present Barone De Falco. URGC Ambassador

Prince Silvio Alfredo

H.E. S.A.R. Prince Silvio Alfredo Fernandez (Argentina)

H.E. is Head of the Fernandez Dynasty -Royal House Fernandez. URGC Ambassador

Prince Panezi pouweedeou

H.E. H.R.H. Prince Panezi pouweedeou (Togo)

H.E. is head of the Royal House of Pouweedeou of Togo. URGC Ambassador

H.R.H. Duke Fred

H.E. H.R.H. Duke Fred Fredriquo Akhnaten Kwaku Napthali Smith (UK)

HRH Duke of Sabronum(Royal House of Sabon), Son of HRM Princess Felicia Nana Yaa Afumwaa Aboagye, Daughter of the Late King Nana Aboagye, son of Queenmother Nana Afumwaa of Sabronum,Ahafo Ano South part of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana. URGC Ambassador

H.E. Marques Mario

H.E. Marqués Mario Roberto Coronel Calderón (Argentina)

URGC Ambassador

H.R.H. Kink Eric Lamoureux

H.E. H.R.H. Kink Eric Lamoureux (France-Ottoman)

HRH King Record at Congress Bookstore in the United States of America, I received the title of Prince of Monricheland of Honor and Pride, Title Ambassador Wide and Duc (hon) Dynasty Empire new Ottoman Empire and Dynasty Ottoman. Descendence of the Lord of Louis Lamoureux My coat and arms familly representation country of Berry – France center. Registered Royal. URGC Ambassador

Richard Harold

H.E. Sir, Richard Harold Fairlie López (Chile)

Grand Prior of Chile was granted very recently by Great Priory of America. A representative of the House of Arms in London treated me as Knight with the honorary title of Esquire. Descended from a 13th century Scottish noble house, the Fairlie of Ayrshire. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries the surname was composed Fairlie-Cunninghame of Robertland. Later it was divided. I have a personal shield for the Scottish side and another shield for being Grand Prior of Chile. URGC Ambassador

Artiscia Al Mohammed

H.E. H.E. HSRM Artiscia Al Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Divinity & Most Imperial & Majestic Divine Highness, Majesty, Empress of the World Her Supreme Royal Highness & Majesty, Despot, Monarch, Commander of Defense & Assembly Secretary General , THE KINGDOMS OF ARTISCIA MOGUL EMPIRE. URGC Ambassador

H.E. Sultan Muhammad

H.E. Sultan Muhammad Issa Arcega (Philippines)

The Royal Sultanate of Maharlika Darussalam also known as The Kingdom of The Greatest Asmaaa Ul Husnaa. Also of the Royal HOuse of the Crowned Princess, H.H. Princess Maria Amor Torres. URGC Ambassador

H.E. Jean-Francois Cadart

H.E. Jean-Francois Cadart, Comte D’ Andechs (France)

Comte D’Andechs, France, also Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of the Temple. URGC Ambassador

Principe Crystiano

H.E. H.R.H. Principe Crystiano de La´Rosa (Brazil & Israel)

Principe crystiano of La’Rosa, Presidente Mundial Chanceler of CMM, Principle of da Casa Isrelita of Israel pela tribo of Judah, Rabino e chefe of sinagoga pela CASA judaica Adonai Patriarca of to the pela Igreja Santa Ortodoxo Tradicional judia of Damasco 14 distrito Principe de la Rosa, Principe de la Casa Real and Imperial of Palestinae Romana y Decapolis, Principe of Reggio Calabria, Principe y Duque of Casa Mavelli, Conde of Milan, Baron of Volturata Appula, Baron de la Rosaan. URGC Ambassador

Prince Ameer Jhularad

H.E. HRH Prince Ameer Jhularad Al-marhum (Philippines)

​Prince Ameer Jhularab Al-marhum Sultan Shariff Muhd. Isnin Al-marhum Sultan Sharifful Hashim, The first Sultan of Sulu Sultanate Kingdom@ Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo. Add: Astanah Darul Jambangan Maimbung, Sulu, Mindanao Philippines.

Bittencourt Filho

H.E. Barão de Campo Grande, Fernando Alves Bittencourt Filho (Brazil)




From the Royal lineage of the Family of Felipo Cavalcanti, from Italy.