International Royal Association of Royals & Nobles

HRH. Prince /Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo

Duke and head of the Royal Family of the Principality of Chandrarupa Patani Darul Makrif Sri Mempawah, Indonesia.

His Royal Highness Prince / Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo, is also Second Ranking of the Royal House of HRH. Tengku Pangeran Utama Raja and HRH.Tengku Putri Utama Raja of the Royal Family of Indonesia. HRH. Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa is also Prince Of Fattan Family From Mempawah Kingdom, Prince of the Sulaiman Dynasty, Prince of Mempawah Dynasty, Raja Muda of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom and Rajasri Vijaya Bhoomi Ratna, Rajasri Raja Maha Vijaya Vansam of the Royal Dynasty of India.

His Royal Highness is the Royal General Secretary of the Royal Association.

His Royal Highness together with H.R.H. Prince Chrysostomos II. Vice Secretary General had a vision to bring together the Royals and Nobles of the world under the umbrella of the Royal Association, where all can share a common goal in serving humanity in what ever independent capacity each can apply to humanity.

A Royal and Noble Person is from birth, duty bound to serve humanity and by doing so we honor our family name, heritage and Title.

​Whether our privileged Royal and Noble Titles are hereditary or bestowed upon us, all equally sit on a foundation of Dignity, Graciousness, Decency, Goodness, Nobleness, all of which a holder of a Royal and Noble Title must live by and express in all their actions.

The honor of a Royal and Noble Title brings us, is very small in comparison to the honor we must bring to our held Titles, via our good deeds we perform in this life. We must bring honor to our Title via our good deeds to humanity, so that we may proudly pass them on to the next generation who will hold such Titles with great pride and dignity and follow by our example.

We are not of the past Royals and Nobles of which such honors to Titles were gained by wars, we today as Royals and Nobles bring honor, dignity and pride to our Titles via our good deeds in serving humanity, a legacy we can proudly pass on.

Let us not measure the value, strength and nobleness of our Title upon the past, but rather upon the value, strength and nobleness we today bring to our Title, via our good deeds.

The Royal Association allows Royals and Nobles from all over the world to come together and be recognized for their service to humanity. May God Bless & Guide Us All.